Australia URISE Education Center visited us

發布日期:2017.12.01 瀏覽次數(

On November 28, Australia Project Manager Yuanyuan Song, Chinese Project Managers, Yaguang Wang and Kun Liu, from Australia URISE Education Center (hereinafter referred as URISE) visited our group. Weijun Xiong, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Chongqing Purun Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Purun International), General Manager’s Assistant & Investment Department Manager Huanqi Yuan, Culture & Tourism Department Manager Jia Ni, and International Trade Department Manager Ting Jiang joined the meeting.

The meeting came first with the introduction of all participants and then the watch of the propaganda video on Purun profile. Later on, Executive Vice President Weijun Xiong gave an illustration on the main business and growth course of Purun International, particularly laying emphasis on the status quo and trend of our culture and tourism business. URISE’s Australian Project Manager Yuanyuan Song introduced their history, business scale, services and specialties. Then both sides exchanged views on short-term travel for education programs abroad oriented to students at 3 years old above, exchange programs, and overseas study. In the end, Executive Vice President Weijun Xiong expressed our expectation for cooperation via mutual support of relative advantages.

URISE is a company dedicated in travel for education and overseas study in Australia, offering various study programs based in Australia for students worldwide ranging from early-childhood to college. It has rich resources and industry experience. This meeting has strengthened our understanding and set a good foundation for further cooperation.


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