Victorian government trade & investment officers visited our group

發布日期:2017.09.30 瀏覽次數(


On September 29th, Deputy Commissioner of Greater China Lisa Renkin and Senior Trade & Investment Manager Sophia Li from Victorian Government Trade & Investment Office visited our group. Group Vice President Jin Xu, all members of Purun International Industrial Company represented by General Manager’s Assistant & Investment Department Manager Huanqi Yuan, International Trade Department Manager Ting Jiang and Culture & Tourism Department Manager Jia Ni joined the meeting.

The meeting came first with the introduction of all participants and then the watch of the English-version propaganda video on Purun profile. Later on, Vice President Jin Xu gave an illustration on our group’s personnel & organization structure, profit margin and strategic deployment in Queensland, Australia. Mr Huanqi Yuan followed with the introduction of our overseas business expansion and its status quo.

Ms Lisa Renkin therewith gave an outline of Victoria Australia and introduced their office. According to her, Victorian state government has set 6 offices in China, mainly for trade promotion and extending assistance to Chinese-funded investments in Victoria. Though merely occupying an area of 3% Australia, Victoria contributes one quarter of the whole country’s GDP. Similar to Chongqing, it is small but very powerful. Then, both sides exchanged views on green sustainable construction, large-scale infrastructure projects in Victoria, agricultural products and the etc.. In the end, Ms Lisa Renkin invited us to attend Victoria Invitation Program annually held in Melbourne and to Chengdu office for deeper communication. She said that she would be very glad to offer political supports to us and look forward to further cooperation.

This meeting has strengthened mutual courtesy and trust and is beneficial to our group’s business growth in Australia, especially in Victoria state.

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